This week Year 3 visited Segadunum as part of their Roman Creative Curriculum topic. We saw how large Hadrian’s wall was and practised battle formations using the Roman shields we had made at school! Can you tell which one is ‘The Turtle?’IMG_3254  IMG_3250

Then we took part in a Roman Workshop and trained to become Roman Auxillary Soldiers, practising battle techniques, polishing our shields and learning the oath…

IMG_8736  IMG_8738  IMG_3280  IMG_3271

Mr Lee and some of the children tried on some of the kit / uniform the soldiers would have worn…

IMG_3268 IMG_3267IMG_3270   

Then it was outside to explore the ruins of the Roman Fort. In small teams we had a treasure hunt to find out what archaeologists found and which part of the fort each was discovered in.

IMG_8713 IMG_8709    

We looked at some Roman Arefacts and had to decide what they were and if they were real or replicas. IMG_3282

Finally we had a chance to explore the Museum and find out about different aspects of life in the Roman times in Britain.

IMG_3238  IMG_3288


What was your favourite part and can you share any interesting things you found out Year 3?

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