At Carr Hill every child matters, therefore we want to involve as many pupils with our Smart School Council to get every child a ‘voice’.

Any child can set up an ‘Action Team’. They enable children to make changes and, with a staff sponsor’s guidance, learn many skills to make improvements to our school. Last year for example we had: a book club at break times for keen readers; a fundraising club who organised many events over the school year and many more pupil-led groups.

The ‘Communication Team’ are a group of volunteers who help to organise, co-ordinate and track the progress of the School Council.

Most weeks each class will have a ‘Class Meeting’ which is lead by different children each time. In the Class Meeting web tool, (made by our Communication Team) students are given the chance to develop skills around oracy, discussion, negotiation and compromise. During these times we: share any news; ask each class a question where children discuss, listen and compromise to voice their opinion in the online feedback. The next meeting informs everyone of the whole-school result


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