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Annual Governance Statement 2015/16

The purpose of this short statement from Carr Hill’s Governing Body is to report on the significant decisions that have been made and the impact this has had on the effectiveness of the school.

Soft Federation with White Mere Community Primary School

The most notable decision that was made during the 2015/16 academic year was the decision to form a soft federation with White Mere Primary School. Following lengthy discussions at governor level, discussion were had with parents and staff before entering into the soft federation in January 2016. Two governors from White Mere (the chair and vice chair) and two governors from Carr Hill (the chair and chair of the finance sub-committee) meet with the Headteacher and Deputy Headteacher on a regular basis to review the progress made in both schools.

This has meant that four teaching staff at Carr Hill has been able to develop their leadership skills by stepping into management positions to support the Head and Deputy Headteacher while they are providing support to White Mere.

There have also been opportunities for teachers from Carr Hill to work in White Mere to further development their skills, all of which have had a positive impact on the outcomes for children at Carr Hill.

New Committee Structure

The Governing Body reconstituted in September 2015, which have provided for a smaller and stronger Governing Body, with governors now part of four sub committees to which they lend their expertise.

Both the Chair of Governors and the Chair of the Curriculum, Pupils and Standards Subgroup have undertaken a Governors Leadership Programme which has resulted in a number of changes to the Governing Body structure. A work plan is in place with regular meetings of the subgroups, to provide support and challenge to the school. The new subgroup structure includes;

Curriculum, Pupils and Standards: this committee looks in detail at the curriculum in the school ensuring the Carr Hill follows the national curriculum, that academic and discipline standards are met and improved; monitoring and evaluation takes place that polices that are delegated to the committee are developed and reviewed and that the individual needs of the children are met.

Finance and Staffing: this committee discusses monitors and makes decisions on key financial aspect of the school including school budgets reports and agreeing staffing decisions or spend. They also monitor both the pupil premium and sports funding to ensure best value and impact on outcomes

Health and Safety: this committee discusses, monitors and makes decisions on the school grounds and health and safety issues

Safeguarding; this committee ensures that Carr Hill is compliant with safeguarding legislation; that monitoring and evaluation takes place; that polices that are delegated to the committee are reviewed and developed and that the individual needs of the children in Carr Hill are met.

Governors in School

The Chair of Governors meets regularly with the Headteacher and the Deputy Headteacher; discussing relevant issues, supporting and at times providing challenge across a range of issues.  The subgroups have met on a regular basis and have looked at pupil data including the areas of special educational needs, policies and procedures, health and safety and safeguarding.  Governors have attended various assemblies and awards events throughout the year.

Dr Jeanne Pratt, Chair of Governors (September 2016)


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