Nursery Admissions

Parents can complete an application form for admission to nursery at any time, forms are available from the school office or you can download one here:-  Nursery application form

Places for September admissions are allocated during the summer term and parents will be notified by letter about the availability or otherwise of a place for their child.   A home visit is carried out by the Early Years Foundation Stage team prior to children starting in nursery.

Entry for Nursery children is on a staggered basis, to give the children the best opportunity to settle in.  

Pupils are admitted to our Nursery in accordance with our Admissions Policy below:-

Admissions Policy – Nursery


Reception Class Admissions

Children are admitted to mainstream school (i.e. the Reception Class) once a year in the Autumn Term before their 5th birthday.  Parents will receive a letter/application form from Gateshead Council, via the nursery the child attends, approximately a year before the child is due to start and these forms must be returned to the school or Gateshead Council by a date set in January.  Parents can apply online also if this is preferable, at

Places will be allocated in the summer term, and parents will be notified in due course about the availability or otherwise of a place in the Reception Class.  Parents who are unsuccessful in gaining admission for their child to the school of their choice have the right to appeal to the Local Education Authority.  The procedure for this can be obtained from the Civic Centre in Gateshead, tel. 4333000.

Children and their parents make an introductory visit at the end of the summer term before their admission, when the children spend half a day with their teacher.  There is also a short meeting between the Headteacher, teaching staff and parents, where there is the opportunity to ask questions.

Pupils are admitted to our Reception class in accordance with the Local Authority’s Admissions Policy below:-

Admissions Policy – Primary


Gateshead Council Admissions Policy

Our school follows the Local Authority policy for primary school admissions; further details can be found using the link below.




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