Aims and Values

working hard

In our school we believe that our single most important task is to contribute towards the happiness of our children within their learning environment and provide enriched opportunities to raise their achievements.

We aim to provide a welcoming, bright and stimulating environment in which all of our children can work co-operatively, supporting each other socially and academically.

Each child is regarded as having something worthwhile to contribute towards our school community irrespective of their social, academic, ethnic, religious or physical disability background.

Our work is seen as an important partnership with parents in the education of their children and the school continues to work towards maintaining its responsibility to the local community, which it is committed to support.

In order to achieve this, the school aims to:

  • Provide a bright and stimulating multi-media environment, which welcomes all children and visitors into a caring partnership of responsibility.
  • Encourage children to take responsibility for their actions and develop a supportive and co-operative respect for each other.
  • Assist children to develop good working practices, allowing each child to work towards their full potential in both their academic and social targets, thus raising their own achievement and expectations.
  • Support parents as they raise their own expectations of their children’s individual achievements and appreciate the need to raise children’s self-esteem and basic skills.
  • Help children to understand the role they play in affecting their immediate environment and how this relates to the wider world.
  • Seek to provide and receive support from the local community through regular communications, social events and partnership in joint initiatives.
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