Nursery Rhymes

We’ve really enjoyed exploring nursery rhymes. We’ve looked for rhyming words,  talked about our favourite characters, enjoyed role play and created our own nursery rhyme inspired art work.    


We saw our first eclipse today…..well almost. Everyone was excited this morning as we learned about the sun moving in front of the sun. Miss Devereux explained that we must not look directly at the sun and we watched the older boys and girls using a pin hole in...


Everyone was excited as we arrived at school today. We’d all heard about the eclipse and needed to prepare to view it safely. We enjoyed a science lesson, explaining what an eclipse is and some of the dangers that must be considered when viewing one. We decided...

Comic Relief

We made our faces funny for money on Friday. The whole school came together to compete in our mask making competition. We’d have loved to have painted our own faces but this is tricky on ‘swimming’ day. See how year 4 rose to the occasion!

Bede’s World

We’ve been thoroughly enjoying our Anglo Saxon studies this term. To truly experience the Anglo Saxon age, we decided to visit Bede’s World to explore how life might have felt during this period of history. We enjoyed exploring the homes, farm and crafts...
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