Golden Book Awards

Golden Book is a celebration of children’s achievements and an opportunity for them to share in each other’s successes.

The children listed below have been nominated by their class teacher because they deserve a special mention for their exceptional effort, work and behaviour throughout the week.

Each child was awarded an “I’m in the Golden Book” sticker at our Friday Assembly and was able to choose a little prize from our golden book box.

Week Ending 17th February 2017

Jordan M - HT/DHT Award

For always being smart around school and such a role model.

Jason - Reception

For working well with his reception friends.

Bailey T - Year 1a

For writing a lovely thank you letter to the Italian Restaurant we visited.

Macie - Year 1b

For great improvement in her writing.

Lacey - Year 2a

For an improved attitude in everything – well done.

Rihann - Year 2b

For a fantastic effort in her maths assessment – well done.

Summer - Year 3

For an excellent effort across the board this week – well done.

Mackenzie - Year 3/4

For working really well on his reading comprehension assessment.


Amelia W - Year 4

For excellent progress in all assessments this week – what a star.

Imaan - Year 5a

For a whopping 30/30 in her arithmetic test – wowser, so modest too.

Kieron - Year 5b

For being a credit to our school – a fantastic role model, especially on our visit to The Centre for Life.

Faith - Year 6a

For being a fabulous supportive friend.

Kimberley - Year 6b

For always working her socks off.

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