Year 5

Mrs McClean and Mrs McGrath
year 5

Welcome to Year 5

Spring term begins with our ‘Journey Through Space’ topic, before we enjoy ‘Newsflash’ during the second half term. We look forward to sharing our work and experiences with you.

Class Blog

Y5b Testing Air Resistance

In Science we have been looking at forces such as gravity and friction. Last week we tested air resistance by designing our own parachutes and measuring the time taken for our egg astronaut to land.   What did we find out about the links between air resistance and the...

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World Book Day 2017

What an amazing effort made by children to dress up and all the staff at Carr Hill to provide fun and exciting activities for Wolrd Book Day! What was your favourite activity?Tell us about what you did today! What is your favourite book or who is your favourite author...

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Astronaut EM

Today was the turn of year 5a to visit Newcastle's Centre for Life. The children explored everything from astronaut 'maximum absorbency garments' (nappies) to using robotic arms. We learned a little more about the recent exploits of Tim Peake and have hopefully...

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Holst’s Planet Suite Masks

We've been exploring Holst's Planet Suite. We considered the imagery created in our minds and the Gods from which each planet takes its name. We combined the two to create our own mask designs and today started to build them. So many basins of paper mache in one room....

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Visiting Tommy at Seaham

We have been learning all about World War 1 and the impact it has had on the world. We were lucky enought to visit Seaham to see the sculpture of Tommy. The steel statue, by local artist Ray Lonsdale, has pride of place in Seaham sea front. What a day! Yes, it was...

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