Year 5

Mrs McClean and Mrs McGrath
year 5

Welcome to Year 5

Spring term begins with our ‘Journey Through Space’ topic, before we enjoy ‘Newsflash’ during the second half term. We look forward to sharing our work and experiences with you.

Class Blog

Year 5 and 6 Learn how to Geocache!

Year 5b have loved finding out about Geocaching in Computing sessions. We have been researching Geocaches in the area and have nearly finished planning our own Geocaching session. We can't wait to get out and find some of our own... Last week while evaluating local...

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Y5b start trumpet / cornet lessons!

In Year 3 we learnt to play the ocarina and last year we extended our skills to play the recorder. This year we are learning to play the trumpet or cornet with Mrs Weaver! How is it going Year 5b? Any top tips or comments you would like to share about the...

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Making our mark in our community

You may recall that sculptor Graeme Hopper visited us some months ago. He had been asked, by Northumbrian Water, to install a sculpture as part of the Chelsea Gardens regeneration. He asked for our help. We sent him away with armfuls of bug sketches to inspire him....

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Guided Obstacle Course and Blind Relay

Imagine how hard it would be to find your way around, without the use of sight. Now imagine how hard it would be to complete a relay or even obstacle course. We did that today as part of School Sports Week. This week you can look forward to lots of...

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Year 5/6 Girls Football Cluster Tournament

After a tough SAT's build up and testing, we let our girls loose on the football pitch... They played their socks off regardless of the arctic weather conditions... 3rd and 4th place... Well done girls, you did me proud... Miss...

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Wow!! Wembley…

Some of our girls' football team visited Wembley at weekend to watch Arsenal ladies take on Chelsea ladies in the SSE Women's FA Cup Final... Watch this space for our adventure using...

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Kensuke’s Kingdom: Kensuke’s Perspective!

In Mr McGill's class, children have been captivated by the beauty of Michael Morpurgo's brilliant story 'Kensuke's Kingdom'. Children have quite literally been with the main character, Michael, every step of the way on his incredible adventure. They have experienced...

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Year 5a Air Resistance Investigations

So it has begun.............. Year 5a have entered the 'test phase' for our designs. Following our recent studies about forces, we've been designing devices to slow the descent of an object. Using what we now know about surface area and lightweight materials, we're...

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