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Nursery Celebrate in Style!

We have had so much fun in Nursery during December as we have been busy rehearsing and performing our nativity; making fabulous arts and crafts; dressing up and playing games during our first Christmas party and then finally ending it all with a Christmas Jumper Day!...

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Sparkle and Shine

The children in Reception and Key Stage One wowed their grown ups yesterday with their fantastic nativity 'A Present for the Baby'. The Year Two children provided wonderful narration,while the Reception and Year One children were superb singers and actors. A great big...

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Christmas Craft Day

The children in Key Stage One have had a lovely day visiting different classes.They have made lots of lovely crafts to take home to decorate their own homes. Have a look at the fun we've...

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Grey Street gone Greek!

As part of our Ancient Greek topic this term Year 5/6 researched local buildings to see which had been inspired by Ancient Greek style architecture. We then visited Grey Street in Newcastle, took photographs and sketched some of the Doric, Ionic and Corinthian columns...

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Hot chocolate with Paddington

  Reception have had a fantastic morning visiting Newcastle. First we went for a yummy hot chocolate at M&S cafe. We would like to say a huge thank you to all of the staff who made us all feel very welcome! Then we went to visit Paddington at Fenwick's...

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Christmas Time at Chopwell Woods

On Monday we visited Chopwell Woods to buy our school Christmas tree. We went for a walk in the woods and found a lovely spot to drink our juice and enjoy our festive biscuits.     Mr Fowler showed us some trees and we picked a lovely tall tree with...

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The mummification of an orange in Yr 3

Last week as part of our English and History topic. We learnt all about mummification. We researched how the Egyptians mummified people once they had died ready for their journey into the afterlife. As we didn't have any bodies available we thought oranges were the...

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Carr Hill Composers

This week in Year One we are becoming musical composers. We have been combining our computing and music skills to compose our own music. We have explored the different sounds instruments can make. The electric guitar was very popular!...

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‘Lest we forget’

We have been learning all about the importance of Remembrance Day . We have made poppies to remember all of the soldiers that have died keeping our country safe. We will remember them.   [gallery columns="4" size="large"...

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