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We’ve been going green!

The seeds that we planted during last half-term are really taking off now.  Luckily, Danny and Ev remembered to water them during the holiday! This week we are going to transplant them outside so they have more space to...

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Sport Relief Mile!

In March the children at Carr Hill each ran a mile to raise money for Sports Relief. The school council calculated 1 mile = 8 laps of the bottom and top yard in total. Amazing effort and determination from everyone involved. Well...

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Exploring life in the past at Beamish

We went to Beamish to find out about life in the past. We had a fantastic day exploring life in a pit village and town. We sampled delicious sweets and watched how the sweets were made. Going down the mine was very dark and creepy! We had to wear special helmets to...

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Kensuke’s Kingdom: Kensuke’s Perspective!

In Mr McGill's class, children have been captivated by the beauty of Michael Morpurgo's brilliant story 'Kensuke's Kingdom'. Children have quite literally been with the main character, Michael, every step of the way on his incredible adventure. They have experienced...

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Destination Judo

The children in Year 2 were given the opportunity to try out a Judo class. As you can see we really enjoyed ourselves.

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There's a buzz around the corridors at the minute... That's because we're going to Wembley... This Saturday a group of 14 girls, who are part of our football squad, will be visiting London to watch the women's FA Cup final. They will watch Arsenal ladies take on...

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Tesco’s Farm to Fork Trail

What an experience! Year 5 and 6 visited Tesco, Kingston Park to learn a little bit about where the food we eat comes from. The day helped our children learn where their food comes from by exploring the fruit and vegetable aisle, the bakery and fish counters and...

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Outdoor Learning at Gibside

We had a fantastic time at Gibiside! We were exploring the great outdoors and experiencing the great fun you can have learning outside the classroom. During our visit we climbed over bridges and crawled through muddy tunnels. We challenged ourselves to overcome our...

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