School Council

school council

At Carr Hill much of our ethos is rooted in the idea of ‘partnership’. We believe that our children should play a realistic role in the decision making process. With the formation of a School Council, the children have an opportunity to share their views and play an active role in school improvements.

Representatives are elected from Years 2 to 6 and meet fortnightly. Classmates share concerns or ideas with their class representatives for discussion at the meeting.

As issues are discussed children learn:
•   To take part in discussions.
•   To develop the skills of chairing meetings and taking notes.
•   To gain confidence to make decisions and carry them out.
•   To contribute actively to the success of their school.

Recent discussions have led to school improvements, the provision of fruit for all pupils, a ‘Buddies’ system for break times and the development of this web site. Currently we are discussing the implementation of playground games and the use of playground equipment.

Our School Councillors this year are:

Leighton, Ellie-Mae, Cole and Brogan in Year 2

Leighton, Keira and Antonia in Year 3

Kieron, Lola and Evan in Year 4

Connor, Leah, Emilia and Connor in Year 5

Jamie, Poppy, Billy and Ellie in Year 6

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