School Rules

We aim to have an atmosphere of co-operation within our school and therefore our school rules are kept to a minimum.  Our prime concern is the happiness and safety of all children and staff who work in Carr Hill Community Primary School, and as such the following rules help to achieve that goal:


  1. Children should not wear jewellery in school because of the danger it may cause in the playground.
  2. We discourage children from bringing money to school and we will not accept liability for any money which may go missing as a result of a child bringing it into school.  We have a system at the school office whereby parents/children can put any money for school meals or other activities in to a payment envelope and post it in to the payment collection box – if parents wish to take some of these envelopes for future payments, they can do.
  3. Sweets and toys should not be brought into school.
  4. Children are not permitted to wear denim jeans, tracksuits or highly ‘fashionable’ clothing in school.
  5. Children are not allowed to leave school during the course of the day unaccompanied and we will not allow children to be put into taxis on their own.
  6. Highly fashionable hair cuts, including shaving of patterns into the head or dyed hair is NOT allowed.  Pupils will be asked to remain at home with work provided until their hair is of an acceptable style/length.
  7. We strongly discourage children from having their ears pierced and do not permit any other form of body piercing.


We expect all children to have respect for their school and take responsibility for their actions.  Our school has a good reputation within our community and we expect children to show the same regard for others whether that is within or outside of school hours.

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